D. Smith the Author: "Beautiful  Like a Flower"

Diseree M. Smith is a brilliant and skilled writer.  She is currently working on several writing projects

for various aged readers that provoke acceptance, love and build self –esteem through self-awareness.

Diseree’s passion is to inspire and encourage girls to become virtuous women and to challenge them to

become who God has destined them to be, not what the world pressures them to become. She also

continues to help other women unwrap their gifts and achieve their own personal goals in life. As such, in

2013 she co-founded “More Than A Pretty Package.” “More Than A Pretty Package” (MTAPP) is an

organization that seeks to assist women in recognizing and implementing their God-given gifts and talents

into their everyday life for the benefit of themselves and others.  MTAPP is here to EDUCATE. EMPOWER.

ENCOURAGE. women to UNWRAP the best parts of themselves, their gifts and return them to the

gift-giver, God.

She is a former educator who is from Chicago, IL and currently resides in Houston, TX with her husband, David Clay, Jr. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Education from Grambling State University and a Master’s of Arts degree in Guidance and Counseling from Louisiana Tech University. "Beautiful Like A Flower"  is Diseree's debut project. What began as a simple desire to inspire slowly blossomed into a book. Her untitled sophomore effort will be apart of her mission to boost the self-esteem and self-confidence of children. She serves as the Executive Vice President of MC Lyte's nonprofit organization, Hip Hop Sisters Foundation .



“I have cried, prayed, and cried some more and I’m not done yet….It really consumed me. It was like watching a movie.”

-Karen Smith

"I received my book two days ago, started and finished it today. Loved it Des. Loved it! I'm gonna write you a great review on Amazon."

-M. Betts

"Beautiful Like a Flower is an amazing story. It is uplifting and encouraging. It will truly inspire people of any age   who have gone through anything. It encourages you to always have hope!"

– David A. Clay, Jr.

​"Beautiful Like a Flower is one of those books that make you reflect on where you’ve been and where you’re going in life. It also shows a great message of how to overcome adversity.”

– LaJena N. James