D. Smith the Author: "Beautiful  Like a Flower"

​​​​​​"When I think of this book, I think of miracles, transformation, possibility, and hope; all carefully molded by adversity and seemingly unbearable odds, yet sustained by intelligent obedience and unshakeable faith.  When I think of this book, I thank God that Diseree Monique has chosen to offer these pages as a gift to the world, but more importantly, as a how-to book on how to manifest and salvage faith and fortitude amidst life's fires."

-Excerpt from Beautiful Like a Flower

Beautiful Like a Flower

If she could make it from the Englewood area on the South side of Chicago, she knew she could survive anywhere. What she didn’t expect however, was for her past to go along with her everywhere she went. Her voice had been silenced for so long due to the fear of the unknown. Now the time has come!  Her voice will finally be heard while revealing her struggles with low self-esteem, peer pressure, sex, drugs all while trying to hear God’s voice. But will she be able to do something that she’s never seen done before? Will her circumstances outweigh her desire to be great and if so, at what cost?